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Rutgers Basketball: Myles Mack beats Monmouth at the Buzzer

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Rutgers wins 59-58.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Myles Mack inbounded to Junior Etou.  Etou immediately gave the ball back.  Mack took off.  And in the span of 5 seconds, Myles made it to the 3 point line, and let fly (though it appears he had his foot on the line).


Rutgers survived a game that the Monmouth Hawks were clearly up for.  The Hawk fans and the team were ready from the tip, and took every punch Rutgers had and kept fighting back.  Monmouth kept pushing the lead to 6, and Rutgers would cut it to one.  The Hawks were forcing Rutgers into bad plays, and taking advantage of the miscues.

Early in the game, the Scarlet Knights were falling in to their old trap.  They settled for jump shots from their big men and continually dribbled into double teams.  They missed the jumpers and turned the ball over easily.  Meanwhile, the Hawks were lead by guard Justin Robinson, who went 5-8 from the field.  Former Rutgers commit Andrew Nicholas tried to prove a point, but only hit 1 three.  Too often he took bad shots, and helped Rutgers stay in it.

The game started to turn late in the second half.  Bishop Daniels played his best game as a Scarlet Knight, finishing with 12 points off the bench--leading Rutgers comebacks.  With under 4 minutes remaining, Daniels led a break and hit Kadeem Jack for an alley-oop dunk that seemed to wake Rutgers up.

Then with two minutes remaining, Myles Mack hit a 3 pointer that gave Rutgers the lead 57-55.  But Monmouth didn't give up.  They tied the game, and then Robinson head faked Mike Williams into a foul and go to the line.  Robinson only made 1, however, leading to Mack's heroics.

And while some may say this is a concerning win, and that the Scarlet Knights should have run away with the game, it's not.  This was a big game for the Hawks, a power 5 team that they saw as a winnable game.  They played Rutgers tough, but Rutgers was able to survive.  This wasn't a UNH performance.  This was expected, and Rutgers did well.

And so, Rutgers sits at 8-5 with the Big Ten looming.  This is an odd Rutgers' team so far, as their worst losses have come at the RAC, and their best wins have been on the road.  Four of them.

On Tuesday, the season starts anew, as Northwestern opens a new era for Scarlet Knights basketball.

But, for today, Myles Mack is the hero, breaking the hearts of the Hawks.