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Rutgers Basketball: The Mike Williams Show

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Rutgers walks away with a 79-54 win.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Williams has been the most consistent and impressive player on the Scarlet Knights this season.  A grinder, who defends, hustles and gets to the rim, he'd been a bright spot.

And tonight, the light shined even brighter.

Williams found himself in the right place at right time over and over again and the freshmen had a career night.  While his three point shot still wasn't falling, but Williams has developed a floating shot that has been falling constantly.  Williams scored a career high 22 points, and he didn't hit a single three.

In fact, it was a night for the guards.  After a slow start, Myles Mack found his legs, turned up the speed on his hands and stole the night away.  He got out on the fast break, and also made his threes.  Mack had 19.  He and Williams led the team in scoring.

But the highlight of the name came from Bishop Daniels.  I can't describe it.  Just watch:

At one point, with Rutgers' early lead starting to whittle down, Jordan pulled all his starters and went with a line-up of Shaquille Doorson, Dwayne Foreman, Malick Kone, Kerwin Okoro, and Bishop Daniels.  While that combination couldn't score, it settled the team down defensively and woke the starters up.  Once they returned, the game tilted securely in Rutgers favor.

This was a night for Rutgers to turn it around. They took it to Sacred Heart and also played solid defense. The Pioneers came into the RAC shooting nearly 50 percent, and Rutgers--through good defense--held them to only 18 points in the first half. Everything the Scarlet Knights did wrong against St. Francis (PA), they did right against Sacred Heart.

Rutgers put the game away.

It was a good night, and most of it came at the hands of Mike Williams and the rest of the guards.  It's not a cure-all to the problems that have plagued the squad this year, but it's a step in the right direction.  Now, one wonders if Rutgers can build on this with one more game before conference play starts.  They take on the Monmouth Hawks on Sunday, and that is not a walk.  Monmouth will compete.

Rutgers has to play like they did tonight to win.