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All I want for Rutgers for Christmas is.....

It's the most wonderful time of the year. And we don't mean bowl season. Let's get out the pens and paper, set out the cookies and milk for Santa, and get down to writing out that list of things we want for Rutgers.


Dear Santa,

We've been good.  We really have.  We put up with all the kids in our new neighborhood making fun of us, and some of them were lion about us...really they were.  And we only beat up on a few of them in return.  We were really nice.  We have a couple of things we'd like...well, maybe more than a couple.

So, here's our list.


Your OTB friends -- The bestest group of blog writers anywhere

  • A basketball practice facility for Dave, er, I mean for Eddie and C. Viv.
  • A completed facilities feasibility study...or at least a copy of whatever NJIT put together
  • A solid win at the Quick Lane Bowl
  • Fridge back for at least one more year...please, Ralph?
  • A top 30 football recruiting class.  We will accept higher rankings, but 30 had a nice ring to it.
  • An NCAA berth for the women's basketball team and at least an Elite 8 spot.
  • Another All American for wrestling.  This is a good squad and we deserve it 'cause we're nice.

  • A Top 20 national finish for wrestling
  • A couple of upsets in conference play in men's hoops. One would be a good start. Please, Santa? Pretty please?
  • Swimming & Diving finishing in the top half of the B1G in its first year

  • Gymnastics beating the last place finish prediction in the conference and showing up big...I mean B1G
  • Lights for the baseball and softball fields, as well as breaking ground for the new indoor practice facility.
  • Lights for the Bauer Track/Field Hockey Complex
  • A new tennis facility with indoor and outdoor courts
  • A New Jersey version of Phil Knight who wants nothing better than to write checks to Rutgers athletics

  • A naming sponsor for the RAC to generate some funds. I don't know....J&J, Honeywell, PSE&G, Prudential (yeah, yeah, I know). Gotta be someone out there. Hey, maybe Motorola Solutions!
  • And for Syracuse....just because old habits die hard, and, you know.....schadenfreude:

Most of all, each of us at On the Banks wish all of you a wonderful holiday season, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Got anything for the list?  See ya in the comments.