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Rutgers Basketball: 5 Questions for Sacred Heart

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Rutgers last Out of Conference Home Game

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a defeat, Rutgers should be fired up for this one.  That said, a nice little holiday break awaits, and that often spells trouble.


1. Will this team defend at home? Rutgers let St. Francis (PA) go off on a 40-11 run over 15 minutes the other night.  That's unacceptable against a major conference team, let alone a mid to low-major.  Rutgers can't let that happen.  They have to bear down and defend, especially on the perimeter.  Make smart choices on the double team and stop Sacred Heart.

2. Hey, forwards, will you stop shooting threes? Kadeem Jack and Junior Etou shoot too many three point shots.  They're at their best when they're attacking the rim.  DUNK THE BALL.

3. How many awesome hustle plays will we see out of Mike Williams? This kid has been a major bright spot all season long.  And when he gets it going offensively, he'll be even better.  But, until then, when you see a defensive stop, look for Mike to be involved.

4. Who's rebounding the ball? Not going to lie.  The problem with this team lies in its perceived strength, it's forwards.  Too often they're hanging out on the perimeter and letting the guards do the dirty work.  In the out of conference play, Jack and Etou should be getting nightly double doubles.  And Greg Lewis should be a force.

5.  Can you win, please? Seriously.  Just win.