Discussion Point: Rutgers Goal Program

Rob Carr/Getty Images

While lurking on Testudo Times reveling in the butthurt, I saw an interesting topic for discussion. The commenters were trying to figure out Maryland's realistic "ceiling program" to emulate, and they mentioned teams like Oregon, Wisconsin and Virginia Tech.

Which football program does Rutgers have a realistic chance to emulate in a decade or two, if the program is successful and stable? I don't think we will ever be Alabama, Florida State or Ohio State (and that's ok with me), but I think we could be consistently as good as a Wisconsin or Michigan State in conference, or maybe a team like Oklahoma (at least on the field). We have a natural recruiting area when we unlock its potential, strong facilities with the possibility of getting stronger when B1G money starts showing up, and a strong (if currently somewhat stingy) alumni base.

What do you think?

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