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BTN announces Rutgers' Mt. Rushmore

Amid all the controversy, BTN lists the top four as voted by fans.

Studio host Mike Hall didn't deny it happened.  The studio host asked both Brian Leonard and Eric LeGrand about Ray Rice.

And both were, in some ways, circumspect.  They both said what he did was wrong.  Eric was firm in saying that what happened was not the Ray Rice he knew.  Brian said he hoped that with time things will return to a more normal situation for all in the Rutgers community.  Leonard also said that he took a back seat to Ray in his final year, a situation that, according to Brian, probably helped him into the NFL.

Regardless, Ray isn't on BTN's Mt. Rushmore of Rutgers football. But Brian Leonard is.

The four players voted on by the fans are a pretty good collection. And as LeGrand said, a real history of where Rutgers football was and where it is.

The first face revealed was probably on everyone's list (or should have been), Paul Robeson.  The winner of 15 varsity letters and an All-American, Robeson transcends football at Rutgers.

The second reveal was that of Billy Austin.  A sixth place finish in the Heisman Award, he played both ways for the Knights and set the team up for later success with its 1961 undefeated season.  And Ray got his fullback - actually, two!

Third up was Marco Battaglia.  Playing a great tight end for some so-so teams, Battaglia was a consensus All American.

The final name was also probably on a lot of lists, someone most of us had seen play.  And a recognition that was well deserved.

Not a bad collection of Rutgers standouts.