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On the Banks Bowl Pick 'em Challenge

Can you do better than the On the Banks staff? Probably.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

It's everyone's favorite time of year! No, not the holidays. Bowl season! Because why shouldn't a 6-6 Illinois team get to celebrate a mediocre season on the day after Christmas? Thanks to our partnership with Yahoo! Sports, we have set up a group pick 'em challenge for the bowl season. Head on over to Yahoo! Sports College Bowl Pick 'Em, create an ID and a team, and use your OtB handle to rank all the games in terms of confidence.

Group ID #: 17633

Group Name: On the Banks Bowl Pick 'Em

Password: Fat Darrell

The bowls start this Saturday at 11 AM, so hurry and sign up! I'll try to post updated standings throughout the contest at least once, and we'll even try to get a cool prize to the winner besides bragging rights that you're smarter than everyone at OtB (which probably won't get you very far in life). Create a profile and start picking!