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Rutgers Basketball: Goode to Enroll; Freeman to Visit

Justin Goode and Deshawn Freeman make some Rutgers news.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, some Rivals posters mentioned some news while recapping the latest Court Club meeting.  Jerry Carino confirmed the news later today.

Shooting guard Justin Goode was going to enroll early, and practice with the Scarlet Knights.  This is great news for a lot of reasons--and it benefits both Goode and the current team.

First, Goode--a player that will likely need some time to develop--will get a half a redshirt year.  Mike Rice did this with Kadeem Jack too, trying to jump start his development.  Goode will get a few months to learn the offense, get adjusted to college, and focus on what he needs to do to be successful at this level.  A move like this means Scarlet Knight fans will likely see Goode getting quality minutes much earlier in his career.

At the same time, as Carino points out, this is great for the current squad.  Rutgers is so thin at guard that Myles Mack and Mike Williams are playing a ton of minutes.  Key sections of games the ball has been in the hands of walk-ons, and Bishop Daniels just got back from a badly twisted ankle.  These guards need to find rest somewhere, and having an extra guard in practice might give them some extra time to rest and stay fresh.

While Goode won't help in game situations, he can--at least--run in practice, letting Mack and Daniels ease off a bit.

In other news, covered JUCO forward Deshawn Freeman will officially visit Rutgers this weekend. Carino and a ton of other people on Twitter reported this.  Freeman is the kind of player that will step right in for the departing Jack, and get his touches as well.  It appears Jordan wants to find experience at the position, as he recruited JUCO Malik Dime hard for the spot earlier this summer.

St. John's is one of Rutgers' competitors for Freeman.  The Scarlet Knights have one more scholarship to offer.