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Rutgers Basketball: 5 Questions for Baruch

REAL LIVE BASKETBALL tomorrow. Rutgers takes on Baruch in a FREE ADMISSION pre-season game.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The long off-season is finally over and coach Eddie Jordan and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights hit the court tomorrow at 2 pm in a pre-season game against Baruch.

Here are five questions for the game:

1.  How's the defense? Last season, Rutgers defense was middling to poor, and too often at the three point line, the hottest shooter was left open.  While you usually can't take much away from pre-season opponents, Rutgers' press got shredded in the exhibition game.  Look to see how Rutgers defends the perimeter and if they can shut down Baruch's three point shooters.

2. Can they hold on to the ball? Last week, Rutgers faced Boston College in a "secret scrimmage."  Word leaked out that Rutgers got torched.  According to this Jerry Carino article, Jordan brought up a stat that makes my eyes, ears and stomach hurt.  29 turnovers.  That can't happen in a real game.  Let's see how Myles Mack and Bishop Daniels hold on to the ball tomorrow.

3. Who steps in for Kadeem Jack? According to the same Carino article, Jack is getting his cast off today and will be evaluated tomorrow.  That means he's not playing tomorrow and maybe not even against George Washington next week.  While most felt DJ Foreman would step into the job, it seems Malick Kone would get a shot as well.  Neither has been practicing well enough for Jordan, so who has improved since the secret scrimmage?

4. How do the new guys look? This is a game where the new faces will get a long look.  Expect Mike Williams, Shaquille Doorson and DJ Foreman to get lots of court time.  How will they fare the first time the lights come on?  Doorson is especially intriguing as he is a big, big body with some polish.

5. Can Greg Lewis be a serviceable starter? Lewis has been--according to Jordan a few weeks ago--the team's most consistent practicer.  If that translates to the court and real games, he can be an x-factor for the Scarlet Knights.  He has to rebound with tenacity and stay out of foul trouble.

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