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Freddie Simmons Decommits

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2015 WR Freddie Simmons announced he has decommitted from Rutgers University.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Maybe he stopped watching in the second quarter?

2015 Bethlehem Catholic WR Freddie Simmons announced on Twitter that he has decommitted from Rutgers University.

That is . . . surprising. Rutgers went 7-5 and is likely going to the best bowl in its history after yesterday's comeback victory. More to the point, Rutgers had three different receivers eclipse 100 yards yesterday.  And two of our best either will not be returning (Turzilli) or may not return (Carroo).  We didn't have any receivers in last year's class, and Kyle Flood is not shy about playing true freshmen who can get the job done. See, e.g., Mr. Hicks and Mr. Martin.

Maybe it just wasn't a good fit.  Simmons committed about a month ago, and his pledge somewhat came out of the blue. He rescinded it in the same fashion. He could have been a big playmaker for the Knights, and his decommitment leaves RU with only two WRs in the 2015 class.

RU fans on Twitter: be classy.  He is a kid and this process isn't always easy. Don't burn bridges by being classless - it's still a long way until signing day and things change quickly.  Simmons did not announce a commitment to any other schools, so perhaps he felt he needed better to explore his options.

C'est la vie. Next man up.