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Rutgers Basketball: 5 Questions for Vanderbilt

Rutgers tries to rebound from a terrible loss as they begin play in the Barclays Classic

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Do we have to rehash the St. Peter's game?  Let's move on.  Rutgers takes on the Vanderbilt Commodores tonight at 7 in Brooklyn.

5 Questions:

1. How does Rutgers bounce back from a brutal loss? Two things could happen, the Scarlet Knights could be completely beaten down after a tough loss on Tuesday or they can use it as inspiration.  That kind of bounce back usually comes from your seniors, and Rutgers has two of them in Myles Mack and Kadeem Jack--they need to show they are true leaders and come out fired up.

2. What position is Kadeem Jack playing on offense? Last season, Jack was most effective when playing center or power forward, and being close to the basket.  Over the entire season last year, Jack only shot 3 three pointers (he made 2) despite scoring 30 in two separate games.  This season, in just two games, Jack has shot 6 three pointers (made 3).  Jack should not be a wing player.  His best chance to help Rutgers score is to move from the foul line in, hitting the foul line jumper or being able to attack the rim.  He needs to curtail the deep shots.

3. Myles Mack... point guard? Mack tried to take over the game Tuesday night, but too often he drove into traffic and got double teamed and harassed by the Peacock defenders.  Junior Etou was playing a solid game, and Mack needed to find him more.  Mack isn't a true point guard, but this team needs him to be as close to that as possible.  He needs to do a better job of picking his spots and letting the game come to him, instead of forcing the issue.

4. Is Bishop Daniels still in the doghouse? Daniels spent much of the second half on the bench the previous game, and other than one breakout game against FDU, hasn't been very effective.  Rutgers needs him to step up his game and take some of the pressure off Myles Mack.  The longer Daniels isn't trustworthy in Jordan's eyes, the harder it will be for Rutgers to win.

5. Can Eddie Jordan outcoach Kevin Stallings? Jordan hasn't had the best coaching record in his time on the banks.  Too often in press conferences, he has said the team got outplayed and outcoached. Kevin Stallings is one of the best in the game, but this season he has a talented but very young team.  Rutgers may not be more talented than Vanderbilt, but they are more experienced, and their veterans are talented.  Jordan has to get the most out of his players and take out a high major team.  Winning a game like tonight is a feather Jordan put in his cap and use on the recruiting trail.  This isn't a perfect team, but neither are the Commodores.  It's up to Jordan to get the most out of his players.

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