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Roundtable predictions week 14: Rutgers @ Maryland

Last chance for the Knights to get a good victory.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

What can we expect out of the Knights in the Fridge's return to College Park? They're only favored by nine points, and they don't have an All-American candidate at running back who can shred the run defense like every other team we've played. Can the Knights end the first B1G season on a high note?

Bob Cancro: Before the season, I thought this game would be a battle between teams looking for bowl eligibility. Now, amazingly, it's even bigger. It's for bowl selection preference. I think the Knights cover and win outright. These teams are not that far apart, although the Terps are a good team. If the O line does its job, we make it happen. Nova and Carroo go out (regular season) on a high note. Rutgers 28, Maryland 24

Ray Ransom: One word: Revenge. Friedgen burned his diploma when he was unceremoniously booted by Maryland after winning ACC Coach of the Year. Now, he's going to burn down the stadium (metaphorically, of course). The Ninja Turtles will do their thing and pile up a lot of yards, but this one will be over by the 2nd and ain't nobody taking their foot off the gas. Nova's final regular season game is one for the ages (400+ yards, 4 TDs) as Rutgers completely and totally dominates Maryland in every phase of the game. Rutgers 45, Maryland 17

Kevin Recio: I like some of the factors on Rutgers' side: Friedgen looking to get a win in his first trip back to College Park, RU's recent success against Randy Edsall from the Big East days...but this is a tough one to predict. The spread is much too large in my opinion, and I think it's a very close game. Not a strong running game for the Terps, which should also help the Knights. It's a chance for Flood to get another elusive win against a winning FBS team, and I think he gets it. Rutgers 31, Maryland 30.

Dave White: *thinks about basketball team*

*crumples to the ground an emotional wreck*

*closes internet*