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Let's talk money: Field Hockey needs your help

We've said that every sport at Rutgers needs something, some big projects and some small. We found a project that you can support....and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

So, there was this "tweet" from RU Field Hockey that came my way:

And I thought, okay, that's great.  And I retweeted it, and this came back:

To which I responded:

And then I thought, I have this platform I can use so, why not.

Now, I have a certain affinity for field hockey.  My youngest daughter played it in high school - even played on a travel team in Europe one summer.  And I got to know Liz Tchou, the coach before current RU head coach, Meredith Long.  And Liz's story "on the banks" is somewhat prophetic.

She came to Rutgers as a highly successful player and coach. She was a Jersey girl and went on to play at Iowa.  A four-time all-Big Ten midfielder, she earned All-America status in 1987 and was a part of the NCAA All-Tournament Team that same year. Tchou was a part of three Big Ten championships and three NCAA Final Four teams, including the 1986 national championship squad.  And she was going to coach at Rutgers. I was impressed.

But she never had great success here, in part because of facilities.  Before the new field was put in on the infield of the Bauer Track & Field Complex, the team played on the turf field by the stadium.  So you're thinking, hey, a new turf field just for field hockey.  Yes, but it shouldn't have been there.  The team's locker room was still in the stadium so they changed there and traveled to their field.  The other related field sports (soccer, lacrosse) were at Yurcak Field.  Field hockey should have been there, too. Poor planning....again.

Look at what Indiana has, a team that finished tied for last and behind Rutgers.

And where Rutgers is now:

No nice seating, boxes stored on top of their lockers, just a pretty plain place to call "home".

And forget the locker room, Michigan field hockey has a sports medicine area devoted just to the sport.

So, there really is a need.  Like there is with so many sports.  But this one is manageable, this one can get done.  And quickly.  But it needs financial support, just $10,000.  The locker room is a project that isn't that big, and can be addressed by getting a lot of casual donors (look in the mirror) to contribute.  This is how things do get done at other schools.  You find a project, identify the need, and you solicit funds. And you can be a part of achieving success with this project.  Take a look at the team's video and then make a donation.  I did.  It's all in one