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Rutgers Basketball: 5 Questions for St. Peter's

Rutgers Takes on the Peacocks at the RAC Tuesday night.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers continues it's run of five games in just over a week as they host the St. Peter's Peacoacks at the RAC at 7 pm Tuesday night.  After surviving against St. Francis Sunday, Rutgers hits the hardwood again.


1. What's Going on in the Second Halves? In both games against Fairleigh Dickinson and St. Francis, Rutgers went into halftime with a big lead, only to let their opponent back into the game quickly.  Is it just energy or is it something more, like overconfidence?  Rutgers has to play a complete game and make some of these games no contest to continue building confidence.

2. Is the defense slipping? The Scarlet Knights have played 6 halves of basketball, and played solid defense in five of them.  But against the Terriers, the second half was bad until the final possession.  Rutgers had trouble finding their man and there were too many open shots.  The Terriers shot over 50 percent in that second half.  That will kill you against better opponents.

3. Will the real Bishop Daniels please step up? Daniels didn't play his best games against George Washington or St. Francis, but led the team in scoring against FDU.  Hopefully, it's just the beginning of the season rust he'd kicking off and finding his niche.  The more scorers Rutgers can be confident in, the better off they'll be.  Daniels is a veteran and will likely find his way.

4. How Will Rutgers respond to the Peacock defense? St. Peters will want to muck the game up, and that goes against how Rutgers is going to want to play.  Rutgers will need to control tempo in this game, and get as many shot opportunities as possible.  Seeing how Rutgers responds tomorrow will be a good or bad sign for how they'll react to Big Ten defenses.

5. Will DJ Foreman respond to the message Jordan sent? After being called "awful" after the FDU game by Eddie Jordan, Foreman was the 10th man off the bench against the Terriers.  Foreman played better, but--partially due to Kadeem Jack's return--Foreman didn't play many minutes.  He has the potential to take over a game with his athleticism.  Will he do so tomorrow night?