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Rutgers Basketball: 5 Questions for St. Francis

Rutgers takes on the Brooklyn Terriers today at 5 pm.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers begins the Barclays Classic today at the RAC (yeah, I don't know how these tournaments work either), and Kadeem Jack is expected to return to action.

Here are 5 questions:

1. Will Kadeem actually be back? Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but all indications are Jack will debut in today's contest.  Rutgers needs him.  He needs to shake the rust of true game play off before next week's gauntlet of 3 games in 4 days against high major (possibly) programs.  If Jack plays, Rutgers needs to get the ball in his hands as often as possible.

2. Can this team keep up the defensive pressure? It's early, but Rutgers defense appears to have truly improved.  The small sample size shows the Scarlet Knights are clamping down on opponents and disrupting their offenses.  This needs to keep up all year long.

3. Will Jack's return spark Myles Mack? Mack hit a big 3 to help defeat Fairleigh Dickinson last Wednesday, but beyond that he hasn't been the offensive supershow he's been at times before.  Maybe opposing defenses are keying on Mack and making it really tough for him to get good looks.  If that's the case, putting Jack in the line-up and adding another weapon should help.  Look for Mack to have a big game today.

4. Who's the lead guard? This is something Jerry Carino has pointed out a few times, but it was expected that Bishop Daniels and Mack would share the ball handling duties, but so far, Daniels hasn't been capable of doing it during game play.  That's not totally on him, he's adjusting to a new team and a new offense and he lead the team in scoring last game.  But the more he can handle the ball, the easier it will be for Mack to get open.

5. How many dollar hot dogs will I eat? The over/under is 1.5.