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Rutgers football: Getting to know the Pinstripe Bowl

The Scarlet Knights are bowl eligible! Let's take a look at the potential destinations for Rutgers.

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Start with what you know best, right? Now that Rutgers won its sixth game, we can take a look at where the Knights are heading for the holidays. First up, we have the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. Rutgers fans know this game very well, as RU was the second-ever school to play in the bowl in 2011 against Iowa State. Rutgers received another bid in 2013 to play against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish after going 6-6 in the American. When all is said and done this season, it's quite possible that the Knights will be heading to the Bronx for the third time in four seasons. Some fans seem to like the close proximity, some want a breath of fresh air. Vote in the poll below on whether you would like to see Rutgers face off against the #TurfMonster yet again.


Location: Yankee Stadium - Bronx, NY

Date & Time: Saturday, December 27 - 4:30 PM

What's in the swag bag?*: New Era cap and hoodie, PlayStation 4

Conference tie-ins: Big Ten (7th pick) vs. ACC (4th/5th/6th/7th/8th pick)

*based on 2013 contents

Possible Matchups

It seems unlikely that Rutgers will get a second consecutive invite and third overall in four years. With Penn State bowl eligible and Michigan on the cusp with Maryland visiting the Big House this weekend, the Pinstripe Bowl could have it's pick between two programs that have fairly large fanbases in the New York metro area. Combine that with some possible fatigue the committee might have with the Scarlet Knights, and you're looking at Detroit or Dallas as more likely destinations.

B1G: Penn State, Michigan, Rutgers, Maryland

ACC: Boston College, North Carolina, Miami, Virginia Tech

Note: The Capital One (first choice) and Outback (second) Bowls can select any eligible team except a team that has two fewer wins or two more losses, in all games, than another eligible team. If a second conference team is selected for a BCS bowl, the two-win/loss requirement is not applicable for the Outback Bowl. The remaining picks are made in order without restrictions.