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GIFs of the WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Bowl Eligibility Edition

This week, our Scarlet Knights clinched bowl eligibility with a sweet win over the Hoosiers of Indiana. Let's GIF it up in celebration!

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

GIFs of the Week: Rutgers v. Indiana

#5 - Run For The Hills...


#4 - Double Vision or Two Killer Frosh RBs?

Also, Michale Burton blocks like a manbeast.

#3 - Read It All The Way

#2 - HOW Did He Stay In-Bounds?

#1 - Leonte Carroo? More Like Leonte Carrsmooth!

Seriously, why do so many of Carroo's touchdowns look so easy? I vote his nickname be "That Was Easy."

GIFs of the Week: Around the B1G Ten

It's Melvin Gordon World

We're just playing in it.

GIFs of the Week: College Football Edition

File Under: Best Touchdown Celebration in the History of Ever

GIFs of the Week: Dat Internet

When You Find Out What That Uber Guy Said

Wait...did he...and...oh dear...