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Rutgers Basketball: Five Questions for George Washington

The Colonials Come to Town in the Season Opener

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The George Washington Colonials are here in Piscataway.  Game time is 7 pm and the game is on BTN.  Apparently, if you went to the football game yesterday, rumor has it you can get in for free tonight.

So, 5 questions:

1. What is the Kadeem Jack situation? The complexion of this game changes is Jack is playing.  He practiced at full speed on Thursday. Eddie Jordan wanted to see how his sprain responded.  If Jack plays, the Scarlet Knights have an NBA caliber senior starting for them.  If he doesn't, does Rutgers go to Kerwin Okoro, Malik Kone or Dwayne Foreman?  None of those three bring the scoring potential that Jack does.  Jack is needed.

2. How does the perimeter defense look? Jordan wants to cause some havoc on defense at the guard spot.  He wants Bishop Daniels and Myles Mack turning the Colonials over, leading to fast breaks and easy buckets.  But last season, Rutgers gave up way too many open threes on well planned passing plays.  Listen, every team is going to score--it's basketball--but against Baruch Rutgers' gave up open threes--Baruch just missed them.  Was that by design or a fault in the defense?

3. Who will be the third (or secondary) scorer? Jack and Mack will be there (assuming Jack plays).  But who will step up and be another threat.  Will it be Junior Etou or Bishop Daniels?  Or will the team struggle beyond its two top seniors?  Rutgers needs to consistently score 70 points or more to have a chance to win.  In order to do that, someone else has to step up.

4. How will the freshmen do? Rutgers only has 10 scholarship players eligible.  Mike Williams, DJ Foreman, and Shaquille Doorson will all play key minutes on this team.  Will Doorson's huge body alter opposing team's offenses?  Can Williams and Foreman add scoring... particularly Williams from beyond the arc?  The freshmen can't have too many jitters early on.

5. Will the students be there? The RAC used to rock.  But between football's rise to prominence and basketball wallowing, the students haven't brought the energy as much as they used to.  Teams like this undermanned Rutgers team often gain momentum and energy from a juiced building.  Kadeem Jack, Myles Mack and Malik Kone have endured a ton in their time on the banks.  The students ought to show up tonight, be loud, and get this team rolling.

There certainly be a GameThread tonight if you can't make it.  Come in, comment and gif it up!

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