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Rutgers Football Recruiting Commit Alert: Blessuan Austin

Rutgers picked up a commit from the fourth DB in the 2015 class as Milford Academy's Blessuan Austin pulled the trigger for the Knights.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

A great day got better tonight, as Rutgers scored a commitment from a prep DB in Milford Academy's Blessuan Austin. Austin is a long defensive back at 6'2" 195.  He is also a blazer, boasting a sub 4.4s 40 yd dash. The speed is evident in his tape, embedded below.

Austin is a Brooklyn native, and a product of Campus Magnet High School. His grades were apparently not quite up to snuff coming out of high school, thereby requiring the prep school route (Rutgers commit Sidney Gopre is also at Milford). If he qualifies academically, he may be able to enroll at Rutgers as early as January.  He is the fourth DB in the 2015 class.

He attended camps at Rutgers, Syracuse and UConn last summer. Here's his video from the first half of his season at Milford:

A few factors jump off the tape. First, he is really fast, although the competition he is playing may not be top-level. he also changes direction really well, demonstrating a lot of hip fluidity. He has a nose for the ball, and he hits really hard on open field tackles. Fitting the mold of many of Kyle Flood's secondary recruits, Austin also appears to have some position flecxibility - he mostly plays CB at Milford, but his size and skillset translate well to safety also.

Welcome to the Banks Blessuan!