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The week in GIFs from the Rutgersverse and beyond.

Alex Goodlett

Say it with me Rutgers fans: "We beat Michigan."

Still feels pretty good, doesn't it? Don't care if they're down. It's still the winningest program in college football. It's freakin Michigan!

Also, as a quick aside, editing through these highlights, the crowd noise is INSANE. After every sack, big catch or big play the audio track is clipping (trying to make more noise than it can, so it "clips" the excess volume) to a crazy degree. You can barely hear the announcers.

Props to the RU faithful in the stands. As EIC Kevin Recio put it, that was "A Blackout to Remember."

Let's GIF it up, y'all!

GIFs of the Week: We Beat Michigan Edition

#10 - SuperNova Run in 12 Parsecs

3rd and 16? No problem.

#9 - Carroo Manstyle Catch

Could hear that hit from the upper deck. Dude has the best hands in CFB.

#8 - Gary the Gambler

Shades of Donovan McNabb!

#7 - Three Feet In

#6 - The Swarm Was in Full Effect

#5 - Home Field Bounce

I totes heard him call his bank shot before the kick.

#4 - T-Monster

When this is the #4 GIF, you know it was a wild game.

#3 - And That's the Game

Kickers don't tell Ghost Stories, they tell Turay Stories.

#2 - Gary. Fucking. SUPERNOVA.


That pass cemented his legacy, didn't it?

#1 - Rush the Field Fans, Because WE JUST BEAT MICHIGAN

Go on Youtube and find videos of the rush. Looks like everyone was having an awesome, awesome time. Forget the haters, enjoy the moment!

Editor's Note: It takes too long to hunt down GIFs for other teams, so we're going with Top 1 for Big Ten, CFB and Interwebs. Mostly because I only really care about #CHOPNation :)

GIF of the Week - B1G GIFFER

That Was Purdy

Come on, when Purdue wins, we gotta show them some love!

GIF of the Week - College Football

Go Punter Go-OHHH!

Punter thought process: "oh sweet, oh sweet, OH SWEET, OH SWEET, OHH NOOOOOEEESSSS!"

GIF of the Week - The Internets

What we just did to Michigan

That's the gifs for this week. Got any good ones, friends? Throw em into the comments!