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2014 College football rankings, week 7: A new top four and a B1G team drops out

The SEC cannibalized itself, the Big 12's best shot took a hit, and Wisconsin loses to Northwestern.

Joe Murphy

There were so many ranked matchups this past Saturday in college football, including three in the SEC. Alabama, Texas A&M, and LSU were all ranked in the top 15 and lost Saturday, only to be replaced by...more SEC teams. Ole Miss and Mississippi State claimed the number three spot in the AP poll for a tie, while the Rebels are fourth in the Coaches' and the Bulldogs are ranked sixth. Auburn shoots up to national runner-up behind Florida State this week after beating LSU. Looks like the SEC will have to continue to eat itself if we're to avoid a three-team SEC playoff and Florida State (*shudders*).

Oklahoma lost to TCU on the road, dropping the Sooners out of the top ten in the AP. The Horned Frogs, ranked #25 before the victory, shoot up to the ninth spot in the AP poll, while Baylor moves into a position to take a CFP spot should they continue winning games.

Could the Pac-12 be shut out of the College Football Playoff this season? The west coast conference's best hope crashed and burned on Thursday night to kickoff the festivities, as the Ducks fell to Rich Rod once again, this time at home at the Zoo. There's still UCLA, right? WRONG. Utah, which beat Michigan at the Big House then lost to Washington State (the very same Wazzu that RU defeated), went into the Rose Bowl and snatched a victory from right under the Bruins. Stanford lost at Notre Dame as well, dropping them to the 20s. Arizona, unranked from the previous week, makes a huge jump to #10 in the AP, and remains possibly the best hope for the Pac-12.

And what about the good 'ole B1G? Michigan State defeated Nebraska in primetime Saturday, and both teams essentially remained in the same position in the polls. Ohio State rose a couple of spots to the #15, while Wisconsin drops out after a date with the Northwestern B1G steamroller. The Wildcats are 2-0 in the conference, folks. And welcome back to "others receiving votes" Rutgers! The Scarlet Knights are the equivalent of #37 in the AP and #43 in the USA Today Coaches' Poll.

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State Florida State Auburn
2 Auburn Auburn Oklahoma
3 Mississippi State, Ole Miss (tie) Baylor Ole Miss
Ole Miss Alabama
5 Baylor Notre Dame Baylor
6 Notre Dame Mississippi State Texas A&M
7 Alabama Alabama TCU
8 Michigan State Michigan State Mississippi State
9 TCU Oklahoma Notre Dame
10 Arizona Georgia Georgia
11 Oklahoma Oregon Oregon
12 Oregon TCU UCLA
13 Georgia Arizona Florida State
14 Texas A&M Texas A&M Michigan State
15 Ohio State Ohio State Stanford
16 Oklahoma State Kansas State LSU
17 Kansas State UCLA Ohio State
18 UCLA Oklahoma State Clemson
19 East Carolina East Carolina USC
20 Arizona State Arizona State Florida
21 Nebraska Nebraska Kansas State
22 Georgia Tech Stanford Arkansas
23 Missouri Georgia Tech Nebraska
24 Utah Missouri Wisconsin
25 Stanford Clemson Louisvlle
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