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B1G Win, Happy Recruits

Rutgers fans weren't the only ones enjoying the party atmosphere at HPSS for Rutgers B1G win over Michigan. A number of recruits have posted positive reactions to the game and vibe in Piscataway.

Alex Goodlett

This perma-smile is not going to leave my face until we go to Columbus. Beating Michigan marks a HUGE step forward for this program, and a ton of high-powered recruits were there to experience a tremendous game and frenetic, jubilant atmosphere.

Here are some of the recruit reactions from around the internet.

2015 Targets

Two of the top remaining targets on Rutgers board, 4* WR Lawrence Cager and 3* Philly DL Shareef Miller had very positive experiences.

2015 Commits

Florida WR Rashad Blunt clowning his new coach and loving the Dragon.

New Jersey Tight End Nakia Griffin feeling the love from his new home.

Ron'Dell Carter put up a tough-looking family photo of a bunch of future B1G champions together.

Orange DE Willington Previlon, who might be Kemoko Turay v2.0, had a great time too.

2016 Targets

5* Paramus Catholic DT Rashan Gary had his eyes on the game. He had a conflict with his own HS game, which was bumped to a later start, and that interfered with his ability to get down to RU to watch in person.

South Brunswick ATH Mohamed Jabbie could not make the trip himself but was definitely enjoying the game.

If young Mr. Jabbie needs some further encouragement, his uncle Mo Sanu might have some things to say on the matter (retweeted by Jabbie). . .

Philadelphia ATH Yeedee Thaenrat had a good time rushing the field and videoing the madness

DePaul Catholic's Quayshon Alexander (Kiy Hester's brother) was there with some of his DePaul squad, including Kareem Walker and Hasise Dubois.

4* Bullis (Md.) QB Dwayne Haskins was in the house, and came away impressed. He also took in the Maryland-Ohio State game earlier in the day.

Haskins retweeted the Mo Jabbie tweet above about celebrating future RU wins on the field, as well as these two:

St. Peter's WR KJ Gray enjoyed himself.

And finally, you know damn well Ted Field had a blast with new commit Jonathan Pollock. The dude is a walking fun-machine, and he nailed the blackout look.

B1G for the Knights and Coach Flood.  C'mon recruits, let's keep the good mojo flowing with some more commits!