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Gamethread Week 6: Rutgers v. Michigan

To welcome arguably the most storied program in college football history, Rutgers rolls out the blacked out carpet for another primetime tilt in Piscataway.


Another rainy Saturday, another primetime kickoff, another big name opponent. Hopefully, the outcome isn't the same as last time. Rutgers is still the favorite, but the spread is diminished to only two points as it nears pick 'em status. Michigan has lots of talent, which can always manifest in great performances at the oddest of times. The Shane Morris controversy makes it even more difficult to predict how this one will go.

In any case, the crowd should be electric, and that should be enough to put the Scarlet Knights over the top on this one. Let's hope the fans haven't washed away from the rainstorms before kickoff.

Upstream Redteam,#CHOPMichigan, and GO RU