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GIFs of the Weeeeeeeek: Nebroski Edition

We travel to the far reaches of who knows where to check out the best gifs from the Rutgersverse and around the world.

Eric Francis

It wasn't the best game, but there were big plays and we kept fighting until the end. If we can keep getting closer this week against Wisconsin, we might have a happier set of GIFs next week.

Until then, let's revel in a few great plays from the Boys in Scarlet against Nebraska:

Rutgers GIFs of the Week

#5: Martin Making it Look Easy


Double TE, Double FB? That's some Rutgers football right there.

#3: Kid's Got Wheels!

#2: This is Called Man Style Jamming

When you jam your receiver out of the game, you get an INT. So the Football Gods did decree.

#1: More Gary Nova Ridiculousness

Carroo has some underrated speed, right? Those aren't FCS players he's burning.

Big Ten GIF of the Week

What's Better than a Jump Pass? A PUNTER JUMP PASS!

What's better than a punter jump pass? Nothing. Nothing is better than a punter jump pass.

College Football GIF of the Week

Who doesn't love a big fella TD pass?

Interwebs GIF of the Week

Syracuse, this is your life.