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B1G Power Rankings, Week 5 - Better Late than Never

How does Rutgers stack up in the B1G?

Eric Francis

With apologies for the delay (busy work week), here are my B1G power rankings after 5 weeks of play.

1. Michigan State - Sparty beat the snot out of Wyoming. Number 1 until somebody else takes it from them. That could happen as soon as this week.  Up Next: hosting the Huskers.

2. Nebraska - the only remaining undefeated B1G team. The children of the corn thumped Illinois, and are looking like the class of the B1G West.  Up Next: Sparty in East Lansing.

3. Ohio State - The Virginia Tech loss is looking more and more like a freaky anomaly. The Buckeyes pounded a pretty-decent Cincinnati team 50-28, and QB JT Barrett is starting to settle in. Up Next: at Maryland, for the Terps inaugural B1G contest at home.

4. Wisconsin - After a slow start, in which they went to halftime tied 3-3 with a lousy South Florida team, the Badgers remembered how to do football things, and beat the Bulls 27-10. They are 4-1, and Melvin Gordon is still really good (181 yds).

5.  Minnesota - With only a loss to TCU, who very might well beat Oklahoma this week, the Gophers, at least for now, are looking solid after smashing Michigan in the Big House. Up next: Northwestern at home.

6. Maryland - The turtles' offense is finally starting to live up to its preseason hype, after the Terps beat an Indiana team fresh off a victory over the ESS-EEE-SEE's Mizzou on the road. Up Next: hosting the Buckeyes.

7. Rutgers - Rolled on Tulane, and just about everything worked right. Best win is still looking like Navy so far, and the ttfp loss to Northwestern was not helpful. Up Next: Michigan at home under the lights.

8. ttfp - If you jerks are going to beat us at home, AT LEAST HAVE THE DAMN DECENCY NOT TO GET YOUR ASS BLOWN OUT AGAINST NORTHWESTERN AT HOME.  bastards. Up Next: bye this week. Sit in the corner and think about what you did, stupid.

9. Iowa - You beat Purdue. Waddya want, a cookie? Good not great. In all honesty, RU, ttfp and Iowa are difficult to separate so far.  The Hawkeyes are off this week.

10. Indiana - Hard team to figure. Great win over Mizzou, loss to Bowling Green and a pretty serious beating against Maryland at home. Up Next: Hosting North Texas.

11. Northwestern - The Wildcats looked very competent smacking ttfp in State College.  Where has that been all year? Up Next: hosting the Badgers.

12. Illinois - Destroyed by Nebraska. No surprise there.  Up next: hosting Purdue.  Someone has to win.

13. Michigan - Michigan lost three games before the calendar turns to October for the first time ever. They are reeling, but are they able to pull themselves together with a bunker mentality?  Up Next: your Scarlet Knights in Piscataway, at night.

14. Purdue - Lost to Iowa. Not much going right for the Boilermakers.  Up Next: at Illinois.