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Rutgers Trea$ure Hunter: Knights on cards

It's the end of the first quarter at The Point. The NFL music comes up - it's called The Equalizer - and you look to the video board. It's time for "Knights in the NFL". But what did we do before videos let us see our alums on the big screen? Let's go to the shoebox and take out the collection.

Baseball cards were where my heart was and is....but we've got some football history in the cards, too
Baseball cards were where my heart was and is....but we've got some football history in the cards, too

As a kid, many of us collected baseball cards. But there were also trading cards for almost every sport and event. I never got into football cards, but I bought a random collection of Rutgers players in the NFL on eBay. Know any of these guys?

Color Commentator Extraordinaire

Harrison's own Ray Lucas (RU 1992-95).  He is in the top ten of QBs with 5,896 yards, 43 TDs.  He spent  7 seasons in the NFL with New England, Miami, and the Jets. He's the color commentator for RU radio broadcasts and is a studio analyst with SNY and BTN.

He's back On the Banks

Marco Battaglia (RU 1992-95) spent eight seasons in the NFL.  Drafted in the second round by the Bengals, he went on to play with the Redskins, Bucs, Steelers, and Panthers. While at Rutgers, he caught 171 passes for 2,221 yards and 16 TDs.  He also had seven 100-yard games.  He currently works in Athletics Development on Major Gifts. RU FB HOF 2007

This guy gets around

Harry Swayne (RU 1983-86) played in the NFL from 1987-2001 with five different teams...went to the Super Bowl and started there with three of them....and has two championship rings to show for his efforts.  He's currently assistant player development director for the Ravens. RU FB HOF 2000

An All-American named.....who?

Alex Kroll (RU 1960-61) was an AP first team All-American who was instrumental in Rutgers going 17-1 during his two years On the Banks.  Two years? Check out his history. Drafted by the New York Titans (the old AFL precursor to the Jets), his pro career was short-lived but his business skills were off the charts. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1997. RU FB HOF 1988

Really good player, really bad teams

Mike McMahon (RU 1997-2000) was an outstanding QB who played on some awful teams (4 years, 9-35). He was top ten (in some cases top five) in the Rutgers record books for yards (6,608), attempts (974), completions (482), and touchdowns (41).  A fifth round draft pick of the Lions, McMahon played five years with the Lions, Eagles, and Vikings.  He continued with the CFL and UFL. He left school as the all-time leader in passing and he was the first Scarlet Knight quarterback to be drafted by the NFL.

And about uniforms

All red.  All white. All black.  How about a little mix and match?  Here's a picture of McMahon - I like the combo.

Do you have an interesting piece of Rutgers sports history in a closet, garage, or attic?  We can feature that in a story.  Contact us at Include a picture and a description of what it is and where it's from.  Share your history and spirit.