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Game 7 roundup: Looking back on the Buckeyes' beatdown of RU

Is there anything positive to take away from the loss to OSU?

Jamie Sabau

It's a good thing that Kyle Flood doesn't believe in week-to-week momentum, because Rutgers would be moving backward if that was the case. It was brutal to watch at times, and it doesn't get that much easier next week in Lincoln, so is there anything positive the Scarlet Knights can take away from this blowout loss?

Bob Cancro: Oy!  What can you say?  There's a talent difference that, while we knew it existed, is very significant between Rutgers and the likes of tOSU.  That being said, I was still disappointed in the tackling, for one. Were the Buckeyes that strong and that fast?  No sacks - no pressure - no way.  Someone commented in the gamethread that it looked like they played scared.  Did they?  Were106,000 people that overwhelming?  Gary Nova, I thought, played well.  Yes, there were a few INTs, but it wasn't like he didn't know what to do out there.  This was a different QB than the 2013/2012/2011 version(s). Did we get out-coached?  Maybe.  There were a few situations when we looked unready to play - either getting the right players out there (Calling Janarion Grant) or being unprepared for the quick offense calls after big plays by tOSU. It was ugly, and it looks as if the Buckeyes will be making a serious run at the B1G East, the B1G CCG, and maaaaaybe the CFP.  We need to learn, turn the page, and be ready for Nebraska.  End of discussion.

Kevin Recio: Will this be our new WVU series? That's my biggest fear. Ohio State will most likely have blue-chippers across the board and a great QB, so it's hard to imagine many years when Rutgers will have a legitimate chance for a win. I guess the rest of the B1G shares the same problem however, considering the Buckeyes haven't lost a regular season game conference game in more than two years. The Big Ten is probably even more tired of the Buckeye dynasty as RU is just getting acclimated to it. As for the game, the offense put up a decent fight. The Grant fumble was bad, but for the most part they did what they could. The defense...yikes. Getting burned by J.T. Barrett is one thing. Getting burned by Tommy Armstrong? That's inexcusable.

Andy Egan: This was brutal - outplayed and blown up in every facet of the game. It's like our guys forgot how to tackle - constant big yards after contact for the Buckeyes, and no pressure of Barrett. Janarion Grant had a miserable game. Costly fumble, a bad drop (at least one), and mental mistakes.  Carroo was very good, and I thought Nova played pretty well despite being under constant pressure. Can we please get Michael Burton the ball more? Love that guy. Not a great coaching performance, but this Ohio State team is looking like a playoff team. I don't think the Huskers are playing in a completely different galaxy like the Buckeyes apparently are, so on to the next one!

Dave White: *wakes up*  *looks around* *blinks* *goes back to sleep*