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Big Ten Attendance: Coach Hype and 113,085 Hoke supporters

There was talk of student protests in the form of boycotting last Saturday's game. It didn't happen, and those who went saw a.....well, it was a win.

No student boycott as the Wolverines beat   *wipes away tear*   ttfp
No student boycott as the Wolverines beat *wipes away tear* ttfp

To Wolverine fans, it is probably being considered an "instant classic".  Listening to the game on satellite radio (the UM broadcast) it was a game that nobody seemed to want to win, and maybe nobody should have.  But in the great scheme of things, if somebody had to lose.....

Listening to the game, there were comments by the Michigan announcers about the supposed protest by students not going to the game. That didn't happen and they were praising the students for their attendance and for being there pretty much at the beginning of the game.  Color commentator and UM grad Dan Dierdorf

said he was proud of the students for supporting their school and their team.  Indeed!

Attendance 'round the Big Ten

There were only four games in conference this week.  Most teams did well, especially "that team up north", as Woody Hayes would say.

School Attendance Capacity % Capacity Result Opponent
Michigan 113085 109901 102.90 W Penn St
Iowa 68590 70585 97.17 W Indiana
Minnesota 49051 50805 96.55 W Northwestern
Purdue 40217 62500 64.35 L Michigan St

As far as average attendance, Rutgers still sits in eighth place behind the bigger stadiums.  And doing much better than many of our established brethren.

School Average Games
Illinois 40,215 3
Indiana 40,925 3
Iowa 67,548 4
Maryland 48,345 3
Michigan 107,247 5
Michigan State 74,781 4
Minnesota 47,089 4
Nebraska 91,341 4
Northwestern 37,349 4
Ohio State 106,761 3
Penn State 99,806 3
Purdue 36,339 5
Rutgers 50,876 4
Wisconsin 78,362 3

Schadenfreude, or our new weekly look at Syracuse football attendance

Facing the Number 1 team in the country, the Orange could not sell out....again.  They did have their largest attendance at the circus tent, 43,295, or almost 88% capacity.  But it was Florida State!  Maybe people were busy putting on snow tires.  Or buying snow blowers.  Or stockpiling firewood.  It is October, after all.