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Bye Week Friday Haiku RUview

Bye weeks feel long, so enjoy some short-form Rutgers wit and wisdom!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't done of these in a while, and this is a seemingly endless bye week, so it's time for another Friday haiku RUview.  Be honest, you weren't planning on doing actual WORK today were you? (author looks at his own to-do list, weeps, gnashes teeth).

Here are a few to get us started.

Phenomenal start
Running, Gashing, Scoring GO!
Get well soon Paul James :(

The prophets foretold
Dragon would rise from the East
'Moko blocked your kick

Class twenty sixteen
Off to a great start, hell yeah!
More good news coming?

Coach Flood and his buds
On the road, bye week 'cruiting
Fire up the chopper

They told us just wait
Mich'gan Penn State would swamp Point
Not in R House fools

Haters said D-Line
too small, B1G beef would blow up
Wrong. Nation's sack king

Beat good teams, we thought.
Cougs, Middies, even Big Blue
Win out, former foes!

Coach Hype, he done lied.
No surprise, done it before
Shiny head deceit

I Heart B.T.N.
Talk about us, no punchlines!
Screw worldwide leader

Cuse is horr-i-bad
We don't need no water, let
the circus tent burn!

Add yours in the comments.  As a refresher, haiku is 5 syllables- 7 syllables - 5 syllables.  If you are a more visual communicator, gifs are ok too (this is still On the Banks, after all).