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Rutgers Takes on the Bearcats

The Scarlet Knights travel to Cincinnati.

Chris Chambers

It's been a week since Rutgers last played--a moral victory against Louisville.  Now after time to practice, the Scarlet Knights travel to Cincinnati to take on Mick Cronin's well-coached team.

What are the keys?

Push the Tempo: The Bearcats hold teams to under 60 points per game.  That is a remarkable number.  To break that, Rutgers really has to push the tempo.  Get out and run, take shots early in the shot clock, and move the ball to get good shots quickly.  It would also help if a 3 point shooter got hot.  Myles Mack and J.J. Moore, I'm looking at you.

Keep the Guards Fresh: It's looking like Jerome Seagears will be out for this game. That means D'Von Campbell, J.J. Moore, and Myles Mack are going to have to rotate in and out more.  While Eddie Jordan doesn't sub as much as Mike Rice did, he is going to have to find a way to get Mack a breather.

Rebound the Basketball: With the Bearcats' best offensive reobunder, Jermaine Lawrence, out for a while due to injury, Rutgers needs to secure the basketball.  The more they rebound, the better they'll be.  This team still gives up too many offensive boards.  That needs to change.  The Bearcats aren't going to light up the scoreboard, they rank 201st in scoring, but giving them too many second chances will kill the Knights.

Rutgers has never matched up well against Cincinatti, and playing a team this hot at home is a recipe for disaster.  But Rutgers has been playing well, and if they can keep the game close, maybe they'll have a shot at the end.  Losing Seagears is a blow, especially if Cincinatti presses, but that's why they play the games.

The game is at 6 pm tonight on CBS Sports Network.