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Savon Huggins Stays a Loyal Son

After meeting with Kyle Flood today, the former top recruit decided to stick it out on the banks.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Few people would have guessed that the career of Savon Huggins would turn out like this. The consensus #1 recruit in New Jersey in 2011 was supposed to be the savior of the program the moment he set foot on campus, and by all accounts, that might have contributed to his lack of production the past three years. Any kind of expectations can seem like a burden on a young man of 18 years, but the expectations that the fans put on him could have taken a toll on someone much older and wiser.

For that reason, you have to acknowledge the class act that Huggins has been during his time in Piscataway. We've always been waiting, frustrated by his inability to become the player we were hoping to be, but he never took out his frustrations in front of the media. He's always said the right things, like "I just need to work harder" or "That's the way football works." Regardless of his ability or statistics, he is a team player and puts his teammates before himself.

Of course, it helps Rutgers that Savon's choices were limited. Now that he's entering his senior year, he only has one year of eligibility remaining, and he would have to sit out one year as well, unless he opted for the Division II or III route. At least at Rutgers, he can still get his degree, which is still supposed to mean something nowadays, right? In any case, the Scarlet Knights look to be loaded at running back next season, with Paul James and Justin Goodwin joining Huggins in the backfield. That is a definite plus, considering the mess at quarterback.