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College Hoops Preview: And So It Begins

Practice started today at the Barn.

Rich Schultz

Months of hell for Rutgers basketball fans are finally about to come to an end.

Today, September 27th, Eddie Jordan and the Scarlet Knights hoops team begin practicing.  According to the official Twitter feed, the team opened practice at the Barn--where Jordan played his games during his time On the Banks.  One can speculate that is because the Scoreboard is still going up at the RAC, and therefore it is inevitable.  It's a nice--if unintentional--tip of the hat to the last truly great Rutgers basketball team.

And now, Rutgers fans can finally look ahead.  The Mike Rice era is finally over--no more talk of offensive language and thrown basketballs and viral videos.  No more bad press.  No more stains on the alma mater.


Now Jordan takes over and looks to put his stamp on a program that has not reached the NCAA Tournament in over twenty years.  Jordan has a veteran team, and one that--if it gels should be expected to compete in the AAC.

Questions still abound:  What will the offense and defense look like?

Jordan brought the Princeton Offense to the NBA when he coached there, but in all interviews since he got the job, he hasn't mentioned it.  It's clear he wants the team to run, and he wants to take advantage of Jerome Seagears and Myles Mack's shooting ability.

As for defense, will he pressure and try to turn the ball over?  A fast-paced, pressure defense can really get the RAC rocking, especially if the team is winning.

But those answers won't play out for a while--not until the season begins.  But for now, Rutgers fans can rejoice.  Basketball is back, and the team is lead by a classy, humble man.

It's time to be proud again.