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GameThread Week 3: Rutgers v. Eastern Michigan

It's a special day in Piscataway as Eric LeGrand's number 52 will be retired at halftime. Stop by the gamethread and leave a comment on your thoughts on EMU, LeGrand, or the ceremony.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Scarlet Knights stay focused on EMU? Emotions will be high for Eric LeGrand's number retirement, and an SEC opponent will be making the trip to High Point Solutions Stadium a week from today. While the Eagles are in bad shape now, you never want to underestimate the opposing team. College football is a style game after all, and a big victory here will give the fans, the players, even the coaches more confidence going forward.

OTB will be live tweeting from the game today in section 109, row 1, seat 1. If you'd like to talk RFootball in person, by all means tweet @OTB_SBNation and I'd be happy to stop by a tailgate, section entrance, concession stand, etc.

GO RU, #ChopEMU!