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Huzzah! Kerwin Okoro Wins His Appeal!

The Iowa State transfer will be eligible to play this season.

Rich Schultz

The NCAA woke up.

That's the gist of it.

After originally denying Kerwin Okoro's ability to play this year (while simultaneously granting waivers to just about EVERYONE else), the NCAA came to their senses.  It was announced today Okoro won his appeal and will be able to play this season. 

EDIT: This was considered a "reconsideration", not an appeal.

Okoro transferred to Rutgers last May after suffering the tragic loss of both his father and brother during the previous season when he played at Iowa State.  When the denial came down, nearly every media outlet--notably Dick Vitale and John Saunders on the Sports Reporters--responded with outrage.

Now Rutgers is a bit deeper going into the 2013-14 season.  They have a chance to be a competitive team this year, but are still waiting on the eligibility of transfer JJ Moore and freshman Junior Etou--both of whom appear to be on campus. The entire team was filmed taking publicity shots for the new scoreboard only a week ago.  Their pictures can be seen here.