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Free T-Shirts For Saturday

Subway is giving out free t-shirts to the student section to commemorate Eric LeGrand's jersey retirement ceremony.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As many of you know, Subway has been a big proponent of Eric LeGrand and his road to recovery. They have featured him in their commercials, along with other prominent athletes. This weekend, Subway will be handing out t-shirts to the student section to commemorate LeGrand's No. 52 retirement. The student section will be a a sea of scarlet t-shirts, with the white t-shirts making up the number "52" in the middle of the sea of scarlet.

Here are some pictures of the t-shirts that will be handed out:



I shouldn't have to say please come out to the game and get your FREE t-shirt, especially to students. This is a great promotion and it's a chance to see history in the making at Rutgers. Looking forward to a beautiful day of football and a very special moment for a Loyal Son.