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UNREAL: Kerwin Okoro Denied a Waiver

The guard transferred back from Iowa St. to play for Rutgers.

Rich Schultz

The NCAA has reared its ugly head again.  This is a story that is so typically NCAA and so typically Rutgers luck.

Tom Luicci of the Star Ledger reported today Kerwin Okoro was denied a waiver to play for Rutgers immediately.

The guard transferred closer to home to be near his family after both his brother and father died during last season.  Okoro had the support of the Iowa St. coaching staff, and appeared to be a shoe-in for the waiver.  However, there is much mystery in the NCAA process as Mike Poole received his waiver to play immediately after transferring from Rutgers to Iona.  No reason was given for Poole's waiver, and no reason was given for Okoro's denial.

The school is appealing the decision.  As of now, Okoro will have to sit out a year.

Okoro wasn't expected to play a starring role for the Knights this year, but would have added much needed depth at wing and guard.

The Scarlet Knights are still waiting on word on JJ Moore.