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They All Want to Play for Rutgers

An interview with a 2015 prospect sets off alarm bells and turns heads.

Rich Schultz

Adam Zagoria caught up with Carlton Bragg, a 6'8" PF out of Cleveland, Ohio, and asked him a question that got a very interesting answer. Zags asked Bragg if there were any teams who weren't recruiting Bragg that he'd like to hear from.  Bragg has a laundry list of high major schools recruiting a kid who's game has been compared to Kevin Garnett and Kevin Durant, so the question was an intriguing one.

What big time schools would Bragg say?

He gave the stock answer:  Kentucky, Duke, and UNC.  Then he said an interesting name.  He said Rutgers.  Watch the video, Zagoria's reaction is great.

But there's a bigger issue at play here.  The biggest knock on Eddie Jordan--when he was hired--was "Could he recruit."  He seemed to start to answer that question as he filled the roster with high ranked transfers.  Then he got some kids from the 2014 class that looked like they were about ready to break out.

But, now?

Now this is something very different.  A highly ranked kid--that isn't local--wants a scholarship offer from Rutgers.  Clearly, Jordan's NBA ties, and the assistant coaching staff is doing wonders here.  Jordan isn't using recruiting rankings to find kids, he's using his eyes, and it's possible he just hasn't seen Bragg yet.

But Bragg wants to see him.

And, my guess is, Bragg isn't the only kid.  There are probably other kids who hear that an NBA coach has joined the college ranks, and their eyes light up.  They have to know that Jordan will be honest about their potential.  They have to know Jordan has ties to the NBA still.

And, if they want to win, Jordan--hopefully--can do that.

Big time 2015 wing prospect Malachi Richardson recently cut his list too (from everybody to 12, mind you) and Rutgers remained on it.  Jordan is doing a hell of a job getting and keeping his (and Rutgers) name out there.  And he's closed very quickly on some impressive names.

So, the next step is to get a known player and beat out some big time schools for them.

He can do that by overachieving in 2013/14.  The talent is on the team, and they are veterans.  Jordan (if all the players are eligible) can win this year.  And if he does, the talent will flock to him.

And that means Rutgers is on its way up.

And can remain there for a very long time.