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Scarlet flags at half mast

Rutgers and New Jersey lose one of their own

Jeff Zelevansky

The world got a little worse today. Rutgers and New Jersey lost one of their favorite sons today with the reported passing of actor James Gandolfini of a heart attack while on vacation in Italy. All possible thoughts and condolences go out to Mr. Gandolfini's family in this difficult and trying time.

He was just so good, so masterful at his signature role that you didn't believe he was acting. That was the biggest possible compliment to his work, but also led to him not really getting the credit he deserved as a true master thespian. Gandolfini, a true master of his craft and profession, represented everything terrific that our great university and state have to offer, and he will be missed unspeakably. Just a horrific, completely irreplaceable loss.