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A New Era for On The Banks

To the On The Banks community,

As you all have noticed, our venerable self-titled lead blogger retired from his post not too long ago. We’ve been waiting for a new writer to take over football duties, so without further ado, allow myself to introduce…myself.

My name is Kevin Recio (formerly posted as Kev5446). First, some background info:

Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ

College: Bucknell University ‘10

Grease Trucks or Stuff Yer Face: Always liked the fat sandwiches more

Jets or Giants: Jets

Mets or Yankees: Mets

Devils or Devils: Rangers suck

Champions League: No soccer talk please

Favorite show: The Wire

I grew up in NJ and lived there continuously since I was 22. I’ve been living in DC the past three years, but I will be moving back to Jersey this August to get my MBA at Rutgers Business School (you may remember another Rutgers icon who graduated from Bucknell and made his name at RU). If it sounds like I’m one of those fans who started seriously following this program in 2005 when RU ended the bowl drought, it’s because I am. I’ll admit that I did not suffer tremendously during those Terry Shea years (and forget about the Frank Burns era. If you were around then, well, infinite rec’s to you). I do assure you I’m as passionate as the next loyal son, and I will do my best to carry the torch for this site. If you are worried that your beloved Scarlet Knight blog needs more veteran fan support, here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2. Find and click on the link "Contact Us"
  3. In the drop down menu, select "I want to blog for SB Nation"

You can also just contact me directly and ask me to make you a contributing writer. This brings me to an important point. SB Nation blogs were created on the foundation of community interaction. This shouldn’t be just my spewing thoughts and musings regarding Rutgers football. You guys are what made me want to write articles here. Fostering discussion is the number one goal I have, and it’s hard to do that if I’m the only one with a voice. So please, leave comments and criticize my opinions/articles as much as you want. If you want to be made a writer, just ask. I am not the only authority on either Rutgers or college football in general (I’ll defer to Mr. White for all basketball related posts, but we all know what drives the bus in the Rutgers athletic department. Suck it Dave*)

Before we all get started, some guidelines:

  • If you give a troll a cookie… it will continue to be a complete moron. Don’t feed the trolls.
  • I’m trying to keep everything open and accessible here, so that means no set schedule for content yet. I’ll try to follow what OOTB did, but if there are any suggestions, post/comment away. This is not a dictatorship on content by any means.
  • If anyone has an interest in posting about Rutgers Olympic sports, please let me know. It would be great to get some good coverage.
  • *All in jest. I’d be lost without your articles.

I guess that’s it. Can’t tell you how excited I am for fall camp. Go RU