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Eddie Jordan Doing Work

Despite the Julie Hermann fiasco, Rutgers' marquee hire keeps on plugging.

Rich Schultz

Quietly, Eddie Jordan is putting together a solid squad for next year, and one that can possibly do major damage in Rutgers' first year in the Big Ten.

Last week, Jordan finished out his staff hiring Kyle Triggs as an assistant and Dalip Bhatia as the Director of Basketball Operations.

Both are considered savvy hires. Triggs once worked for Bob Huggins before taking on a job with the Lakers. He adds more NBA experience to the staff which is sure to make recruits happy. Bhatia--a Rutgers grad--is a former assistant for St. Peters, the one who scouted Rutgers when the Peacocks pulled off their stunning season opening upset of the Scarlet Knights.

Then, more good news started to roll in. Bishop Daniels, a former Miami player who transferred to a JUCO, committed to Jordan and company. Daniels was recruited by Van Macon when Mike Rice was on staff. Daniels won't report until 2014-15. The guard is considered to be long and athletic and may have NBA potential.

And then came even more good news. Today, former Pittsburgh Swingman JJ Moore agreed to transfer to RU. Moore will only have 1 year of eligibility remaining when he gets to play, but he expects to make an impact. A former top 100 recruit, Moore said he didn't like Pitt's slowdown offense, and wants to play up tempo. He is expected to pursue a hardship waiver.

If both he and Kerwin Okoro are able to pull in their waivers, Rutgers will be set to maybe even make a dent next season.

But if Moore has to sit a year, a few more recruits can make Rutgers first year in the Big Ten a huge success.

So, while Rutgers' administration bumbles, Eddie Jordan continues to bring respect to the position he's taken on. He is determined to make fans proud to be Scarlet Knights.