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The Latest Kerfluffle

Deadspin finds that Eddie Jordan didn't get a degree, and sends the internet into a tizzy.

Rich Schultz

If you weren't on Twitter yesterday, you missed the panic.

You see, it turns out Eddie Jordan didn't graduate from Rutgers, despite his official biography on the school's website saying he did. Deadspin was all over it, and then the rest of the world got involved.

At first, this seemed like a minor annoyance. Rutgers record keeping is spotty at best, and the bureaucratic nonsense that graduates go through has even been given a nickname: the RU Screw. Everyone who passed through campus has faced the screw at some point. This time however, it just seemed like it was happening to Eddie Jordan on a national scale.

Then, Adam Zagoria tweeted the NCAA requires all coaches to have a college degree.

Rutgers wasn't answering phone calls. No one could get information. Deadspin said Eddie only had 103 credits, however anyone with a calculator said Jordan had 211 (EDIT: though Deadspin contends there's a difference between credits and credit hours). Was Jordan supposed to get his degree and made a mistake? Was he going to lose his job over this, mere weeks after taking it?

Only at Rutgers.

But, you see, it turns out Zagoria was wrong. The NCAA issued a quick statement saying it does not require coaches to have a degree, it comes down to what the school requires. And, about 18 seconds after that, Rutgers issued a statement saying Jordan didn't need his degree and he'd be keeping his job.

So, Jordan stays for now. By most accounts from the local press, Jordan did not deceive Rutgers, it was a University error. Jordan should have finished his degree in 1985, but he wasn't registered correctly, Jordan told Andy Katz.

Story over, right?

Hopefully, though it seems likely the press will keep digging. They smell something, which is their right. With some luck, nothing will be found and Jordan will get back to turning this thing around.