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All the President (Barchi)'s Men

A simple firing would have solved all of this...


Now all the skeletons are coming out.

Here's a round-up of today's new:

-Jerry Carino reports that Eric Murdock demanded $950,000 to settle his employment dispute.

-ESPN's Brett McMurphy reports that the FBI is on campus investigating Murdock allegations.

-Keith Sargeant reports that a decision on Tim Pernetti's employment could come tonight. An earlier scheduled press conference on the situation was cancelled and reportedly rescheduled for tomorrow. Not a good sign.

-Assistant coach Jimmy Martelli has officially resigned.

-On outside the lines Shelia Olvier ranted and raved about official investigations. Steve Sweeny called for Tim Pernetti to be fired. Andy Katz speculated that if this situation had come out when it should have--in November and December--it could have derailed Rutgers entry into the Big Ten.

Basically, this is still bad folks. The reports by ESPN that Pernetti's job was safe were premature, and the national media and NJ politicians are getting their pound of flesh.This has gone from being a college sports story about an abusive coach to a full-on political thriller.

And it's just sad that Rutgers fans are caught in the middle.