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Welcome back, Loyal Son

Eddie Jordan nails the press conference, then hits the ground running.

Rich Schultz

Eddie Jordan stood at the podium and answered questions with a smile. He constantly talked about winning with "harmony and effort." He talked about the NBA. He talked about the assistants who have already contacted him to join him on the banks.

He said David Cox and Van Macon would remain on staff "for the time being."

He talked about the new scoreboard--one that would be in place by August.

He convinced Myles Mack, Kadeem Jack, and Wally Judge to stick around. Malick Kone, one of the rumored transfers, was at the press conference too.

And then, on Mike Francesa, he dropped what felt like a bombshell. On a day when Mike Poole committed to Iona as a transfer, Jordan suggested he wasn't finished recruiting the old team back. He said he felt that he could have one of the best backcourts in the country if Myles got some help coming back. And he said he thought two of the possible transfers were close to changing their mind and staying with the Scarlet Knights.

And, he wasn't done yet. Tonight, Eddie was going to visit Jon Severe, one of the top remaining guards in the area. Severe was a top target of Van Macon and Mike Rice. Macon and Jordan obviously feel similar.

Earlier there was a report by Zach Braziller of the NY Post. For a while reports said it was going to come down to Rutgers and Fordham. That has since been recanted... but it's still possible.

But the dark days of Rutgers basketball appear to be over. Fast Eddie has hit the ground running. He knows he needs to bring in talent.

He also knows he can overachieve next year if he does so.

Don't count out the Scarlet Knights.

Not with Eddie Jordan on the sidelines.

At least, at the very least, that's how it feels today.

Welcome back, Loyal Son.