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Mike Rice Video Leaks and It Is Horrific

And, thus the Mike Rice Era ends, even if it isn't officially over yet.

Nick Laham

As first reported by Brendan Prunty, ESPN obtained videos of Mike Rice practices.

They are worse than you'd expect. Mike Rice pushed, kicked and threw basketballs at players. He cursed at them and used gay slurs at his players. He personally insulted Gilvydas Birtua, which ultimately caused him to transfer. The personal insults are awful, and according to Murdock some players couldn't sleep, didn't eat and did not want to come to practice.

Eric Murdock, apparently, first brought these concerns to Tim Pernetti last summer. In fact, Murdock did what public employees are supposed to do, he reported a transgression, a violent one. Rice put his hands on players and Murdock was concerned. Pernetti did not fire Rice immediately, and investigated.

In the meantime, Murdock's contract wasn't renewed. It appeared no action would be taken toward Rice. On Mike Francesa, Pernetti said Murdock didn't talk about the Mike Rice issues until after his contract wasn't renewed.

That's when Murdock threatened a lawsuit, and show Pernetti the tape. Pernetti at that point could not fire Mike Rice, as it would appear Rutgers was admitting Murdock was right and they would lose the lawsuit.

Now, Pernetti still can't fire Rice. The only way this works out, Mike Rice must step down. And Pernetti will have to suffer the slings and arrows from the media.

Once again, the Rutgers basketball program is a black eye for Rutgers University.