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Move Fast, Eddie*

*See? I have a ton of these puns.

Stephen Dunn

Word has come down from many reporters that Eddie Jordan has agreed in principle to be the next head coach of the Rutgers basketball team. The agreement is for 5 years and about 1.3 million annually. That makes him not the lowest paid coach in the Big Ten, and the highest a coach has ever been paid in his or her first year on the banks.

But Jordan has to get moving right away. Following on the heels of Mike Poole's transfer request, Eli Carter asked for his transfer release as well. Jordan is going to have to sell himself to the team before he can even think about recruits. Will Poole, Carter, Jerome Seagears, Vince Garrett, and Malick Kone all transferring, Rutgers would be left with 5 scholarship players.

However, rumors are surfacing that Jordan is expected to keep Van Macon and David Cox on staff. That will help with the transition and might be enough to keep the team around. That leaves one opening on the staff. Mike O'Koren, Jordan's former assistant in the NBA, is rumored to be pegged for that spot.

All in all it is a step forward for the Scarlet Knights. The darkness of the Mike Rice Tape Era is starting to life and a new dawn is ahead.

Can Jordan build this team? He is an X's and O's guy, but he's going to need to recruit big time, especially if everyone leaves.

Right now, Eddie Jordan is the right guy to be the face of Rutgers basketball. And hopefully, he will be for years to come.