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Not So Fast, Eddie*

*I hope this goes on for a while. I have a diary full of Fast Eddie puns.

Andy Marlin

What seemed like a done deal just a few days ago is now in jeopardy.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reports that Eddie Jordan and Rutgers have reached an impasse in their negotiations. The early reports were that salary could be a stumbling point, but Woj says that isn't true. Jordan knows cleaning up the basketball mess will take more than 5 years (remember Gary Waters saying Rutgers is a 7 year build?), and the administration doesn't agree.

But clearly, with news that Mike Poole wants to transfer, it does seem likely that this will take longer than 5 years to get the program running on all cylinders. Jordan holds all the cards here, and Rutgers is going to have to kowtow to get him to sign on the dotted line.

So far, it is unclear whether negotiations have completely broken off or if Rutgers will come back to the table. Jordan wants the job, but he wants to do it right.

If Jordan isn't the next coach, look for Rutgers to look to Dr. John "It took me 9 years to get to the NCAAs at La Salle" Giannini and Steve Masiello of Manhattan as their next targets.

Either way, Eddie Jordan is right. Rutgers is a mess right now, and if he doesn't come in, it will continue to be so for a long, long time.

UPDATE: Woj now tweeting there's still room to come to a deal. Jordan is in NJ and will meet with Barchi tomorrow. He says, Jordan wants the job, and Rutgers doesn't have a legitimate Plan B.