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The Search Is On!

In their first smart move since this whole Mike Rice scandal began, Rutgers begins the process of trying to find a head coach, even without an AD in place. Feelers are out...

Stephen Dunn

Today on ESPN Outside the Lines, the Mike Rice story continued. And with it came some news that can be looked at as some sun poking through the clouds.

It appears that Rutgers has woken up from the doldrums and realized that hiring a new coach will help heal the wounds from a public relations story and started the process of trying to hire a new coach... even without an AD in place.

Andy Katz and Bob Wenzel repeatedly mentioned Dan Hurley and Eddie Jordan as potential options. Rutgers has put feelers out to several candidates, but expect the road to be tough since none of these options will know who their boss will be.

Meanwhile, players advocated for David Cox at an impromptu press conference. Reports from both Tom Luicci (on Twitter) and Tara Sullivan (on Outside the Lines) reported that was unlikely (as in 100% unlikely) to happen.

No one knows who specifically is interested in the job, but after reports that Dan Hurley would sign an extension at URI on Saturday, there has been no report of it since. Jordan is on the verge of being eliminated from the playoffs with the Lakers.

Keep an eye on this spot.