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Rutgers Visits Seton Hall

In their last regular season Big East game ever. EVAH!


Rutgers and Seton Hall. Mortal Enemies. The Rivalry. And it all comes to an end here. Now, both teams say they'll play each other next year, but it won't be a conference game, as Seton Hall and the Catholic 7 form the new Big East and Rutgers sits around for a year in the America 12... or something.

Rutgers needs a win. Rutgers wants to go out with one more win. So, what can they do?

1. Hold on to a lead: Let's face it, there are going to be some stretches where RU plays really well. They'll probably roll out to a lead somewhere into the game. They need to hole it. They held on at the RAC, now they have to do it at the RAC.

2. Let Myles Mack Run the Show: Despite his exhaustion at the end against Marquette, Mack is still the catalyst. Let him run the show, make shots, find open players. At the same time, get him the rest he needs.

3. Feed Kadeem Jack: Seton Hall won't have an answer for him.

4. Defend the 3: The Pirates make a ton of outside shots. Close out on their shooters, and RU should have a fine chance.

Then it's on to DePaul in the 2nd game of the first round of the Big East Tournament Tuesday night.