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Oi Vey! Sidney Gopre Commits

I had the pleasure of watching Heart of Stone at the theaters which, as a subplot, chronicled the school's football team's rise. I forget if it concluded with a NJ State Championship, but as a Rutgers fan, there was a lot of joy watching the kids and their families walk into Rutgers Stadium with pride and accomplishment. I've been waiting for a star player to emerge from Weequahic to be Rutgers' next star.

We welcome Sidney Gopre who will join the likes of Richie Roberts and Philip Roth as the next great Indians alum. A true weakside linebacker, with an appropriate comparison to Khaseem Greene - he cures the sting of losing Skai Moore (I'm bitter about that, long story). You would also have to imagine that Weequahic and Newark/Elizabeth area programs will continue to rise and maybe become NJ's version of Miami Northwester/Central.