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Senior Night for Miller and Johnson

Dane and Austin take on Marquette one last time.

Alan Maglaque-US PRESSWIRE

Ten years, in Gary Waters' 2nd year, on senior night, Jerome Coleman and Calvin Wooten went off against a highly ranked Notre Dame team. It was a game that basically came out of nowhere in a lost season, and shocked the fans who showed up at the RAC to send off Coleman.

That year, which started out with a ton of hope, ended in sorrow, much like this one. And Rutgers will need that kind of night again to clear some of the bad taste this season left, and give the fans something to look forward to next year. Myles Mack and Jerome Seagears will have to play the roles of Coleman and Wooten (or was it Ricky Shields? It's been so long--and not much has changed).

But this is not a night to look for a win, not if the previous games have been any indication. Tonight is a night to celebrate Dane Miller and Austin Johnson, two players that stuck it out through a coaching change and plenty of losses. Miller was one of the most athletic Knights in a long time, but never seemed to put it together 100 percent. Meanwhile, Johnson was an undersized forward who's had a solid senior season. Word was he was a leader off the court as well.

Come out the RAC and celebrate two players who stuck with Rutgers. And, at the same time, hope for a win. Rutgers--had Eli Carter been healthy--would have matched up with the Golden Eagles pretty well, but look for the guards to get pushed around a bit.

Dane Miller and Austin Johnson will be needed one more time to send the fans home happy. Can they do it?